HaveFund Mortgage Loan Trading Platform Launch

MY Innovate (HK) Ltd is pleased to announce the general availability of our flagship HaveFund Loan Trading Platform with a launch date of 1 March 2020.

HaveFund is a secure loan trading platform based on distributed ledger and secure enclave technologies. It enables the efficient buying and selling of loans while guaranteeing the confidentiality and security of sensitive information such as borrowers’ personal details or lenders’ credit policies.

The platform seeks to connect lenders by providing a reliable infrastructure on which all members can bridge funding gaps and fulfil market demands.

Each lender that joins the platform as an alliance member is provided with their own node on the distributed ledger. Along with other cutting edge components in HaveFund, this ensures that the system is Secure, Honest, Immediate, Fair and Trusted, as envisioned in MY Innovate’s SHIFT initiative.

Speaking on the occasion of this significant milestone for the product, MY Innovate HK president Stanley Zheng said, “This is a huge step for us, as the team has worked long hours to bring this product to light. It is a great pleasure to see their efforts coming to fruition, and we are confident that lenders will find great value in this offering.”

The mortgage loan trading product is the first to launch out of a long list, with each product tailored for specific customers, loan types and locations.