B. Application as a Natural Person

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    Please provide at least ONE reference on your money lending related experience (with the name of your referee) below and submit a reference letter bearing the signature of your referee in PDF format :


    You are advised to note the following pursuant to the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance (Cap.486).

    1. The personal data collected in this application and in the documents submitted by you in support of the application (“Data”) will be used by HaveFund for the purposes of considering this application for admission to be a member of HaveFund.
    2. In applying for admission to be a member of HaveFund, it is obligatory for you to supply HaveFund with the Data requested in this form except as otherwise indicated. The consequence for you if you fail to supply such Data is that Havefund will not be able to process this application or it may result in delay or refusal of this application.
    3. The Data may be provided to such persons within HaveFund whose proper business it is to have access to and assist in the processing of this application and related matters. The Data may also be provided to the operating company of HaveFund and its parent company and to such other persons who may help HaveFund in attaining the purposes mentioned above.
    4. Any Data that is provided to anyone outside of HaveFund will be restricted to what is necessary and not excessive in order to achieve any intended purpose.
    5. You have the right to request access to and correction of the Data. Any such request should be addressed to The Administrator, HaveFund (address).
    6. The Privacy Policy Statement of HaveFund is available on its website at (website).


    1. We are/I am currently a holder of Money Lender License issued by the Registrar of Money Lenders pursuant to the Money Lenders Ordinance Cap.163 of Laws of Hong Kong.
    2. We/I have read and agreed to the above Personal Information Collection Statement.
    3. We/I authorize HaveFund, its staff, employees and/or (xx) to deal with, utilize and/or access the data submitted by us/me as may be required in connection with our/my application for admission as a member of HaveFund.
    4. We/I understand that our/my data will become a part of HaveFund’s files and may be used for all purposes deemed necessary or useful by HaveFund.
    5. Without prejudice to the above, or the abovementioned Personal Information Collection Statement, we/I confirm that, if we/I are/am successful in my application to HaveFund’s member, we/I agree to disclose mu details (i.e. name, telephone number, fax number, email) via both the public and private information channels of HaveFund, including its website to which other members would have free access to.
    6. We/I declare that the information given in support of this application is accurate and complete, and HaveFund is authorized to check and verify the information supplied pertaining to our/my application. We/I understand that any misrepresentation will disqualify our/my application and may lead to revocation of our/my admission as a member (should we/I be admitted) or other disciplinary action.
    7. We/I understand that if there are any subsequent changes to the information provided in this application. We/I are/am required to immediately notify HaveFund and that the withholding of any information, and in particular information which relates to disciplinary matters could be considered as an act of misconduct.
    8. We/I confirm that we/I are/am familiar with and will adhere to Code of Money Lending Practice and such codes as may, from time to time, be approved and published by the Registrar of Money Lenders.
    9. Any information on this form may be made available by Have Fund to third parties for the purposes of admission as member of HaveFund.