August 26, 2020
FeatureMobile App released on Android Market and App Store
 August 14, 2020
ChangeLoan application compulsory information has been reduced
ChangeMortgage Type requested and Outstanding Mortgage Information are now independent
ChangeLoan Advisor will not see the names of the parties involved to provide his advice
July 31, 2020
FeatureProperties owned by companies are now allowed
FeatureLenders can now pre-indicate their payment schedule for referral fees
FeatureHuman Loan Advisor service can now be access
ChangeLoans can now be requested by co-owners single sidedly
ChangeFor document that cannot be previewed, information will still be shown
July 17, 2020
FeatureLoan Case Provider / Lead Lender can retract the offer once bid is over
Feature(Syndication) In case no offer matches the defined criteria, Lead Lender can still see the best offer and approve it
FeatureDashboard with market information is now available on the homepage
ChangeLoan Case Provider can make the full address visible by bidders
ChangeLoan Case Buyer can close a case or reject it
ChangeProperty usage field added
June 30, 2020
FeatureLoans can now be resubmitted
ChangeLoan Applications can be for village houses
ChangeNon-Permanent Resident borrowers can apply for loans
ChangeNotification Emails will be sent at each step of the bidding process
June 14, 2020
FeatureTransaction Status Indicator is now available
FeatureLoan Syndication Notification Emails are now available
ChangeAttachment sections now have examples
May 31, 2020
FeatureLoan Syndication is now possible
FeatureMultiple Credit Model is now supported
ChangeSyndication terms does not allow to set terms based on interest rates